OUR Brand

Blessed Boards is a family-owned-and-operated design studio and product manufacturer based in the small sea-side town of Saint Augustine, Florida. 

Established in 2019, our brand was born from a desire to combine an appreciation for intentional design with the enduring traditions of woodworking. It is our aim to make products for the home that are simple, practical, and timeless in their design; while utilizing natural materials and construction techniques that are sustainable and long-lasting.

Our production methods combine traditional and modern forms of woodworking using hand-picked, locally-sourced, American hardwoods.


Our aesthetic takes much of its inspiration from the beauty of the early Spanish missions of North America and various forms of monastic architecture.

We have incorporated this style through the use of raw materials, natural colors and textures, clean lines, and geometric shapes. The structure of our prayer benches, the classic shapes of our charcuterie boards, and the arched handles in our bread boards, for example, all draw from these basic styles.

It is our desire to take what we admire of the early missions and monastic communities and translate it as much into our modern homes and lifestyles as we do into our products. In a world as busy and distracting as ours, we yearn for a return to a simpler, and simplified, way of life.

We believe our homes should be a place set apart; a place where work and contemplation find proper balance and meaning; a place where the true, good, and beautiful thrive and grow. 


Each Blessed Boards product begins with domestic, rough-sawn, hardwood lumber. It then goes through our in-house milling process after which it “rests” and stabilizes.

From there each piece is meticulously crafted to perfection with close attention to detail and hand-finished with all-natural oils or hard wax.

No stains or dyes are used in our finishing processes. Rather, the natural color and beauty of the wood is highlighted.


A portion of our proceeds is shared with Comunita Cenacolo America. To find out more about Comunita Cenacolo and their mission, please visit their website here.